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Eljininc ACH Security

Secured ACH form keeps your data private.

Eljininc ACH SSL Certification

SSL certification and AES-256-CBC encryption.

Eljininc ACH Fast and reliable

Reliable. Direct deposit means no waiting for checks.

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Payment that’s fast and secure

At Eljin, our main concern is the privacy and security of your data. It’s an ongoing investment for us.
To keep your sensitive information safe, we take the following measures:



Eljin is designed with multiple layers of protection. It is structured to accommodate secure data transfer, encryption, protected network configuration—all distributed across a scalable, highly-secured infrastructure. Eljin’s high-performance components assure operation at optimal levels.
Server security

Server security

Eljin’s data is stored on servers that use state-of-the-art firewall technology to protect our assets. The servers have a track record that confirms a 99.9% uptime number consistently. The data-center makes use of quad-processor servers, mirrored backups, and power-source redundancy to ensure uninterrupted service.
Network security

Network security

Eljin data always travels over secure connections. All data transmissions are encrypted for transfer using SSL, and our site is accessible only via https. SSL encryption gives you peace of mind that your private information is safe. That certification adds an extra level of trust to your interactions with Eljin.


Eljin uses hash-based encryption with generated secret keys. This protocol is used in combination with AES-256-CBC encryption technology to protect the transmission of all data on our platform. AES is the standard used by the U.S. government to encrypt top-secret documents.

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